Current Season 2018

Bard-a-thon XIX

February 18-25, 2018
Raven Landing Community Center 
Our Annual Week-long community, out-loud reading of the complete works of William Shakespeare. 


Drama Camps 
All will be held at the UAF Lab Theatre in the Fine Arts Complex on Campus 

Springlings Camp
All ages 7-17 are welcome to attend and study Shakespeare and acting.  
March 12-17, 2018
Groundlings Camp
An intensive acting training for ages 12-17 culminating in a Shakespeare play. 
June 4-29, 2018
Fledglings Camp
 Two- week long a
cting training for ages 8-12 culminating in a Shakespeare play.
June 18-29, 2018
Mustardseeds Camp (NEW PROGRAM!)
Fun camp for 5-11 year olds who want to get started with studying drama and performing.
June 4-15, 2018
Merry Wives of Windsor
Thursday to Sunday, July 12-29
Jack Townshend Point 
Principal Auditions - All Parts Available!
Monday February 26, 6-8 PM
FST Office, 516 2nd Ave. Ste. 313, Fairbanks